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11/1/21 -- Seen on Fox 5 DC on Drag 

racing police case

9/1/21 New Office in Pittsfield, NY — opened in May, in a suburb of Rochester in bustling area


Christopher Zampogna has joined the board of DC refers  He is on the arbitration/mediation committee.


 DC refers has as its mission to find legal representation for those of modest-means.


10/7/2020 — Exciting news for office to be representing First Responders, Police Officers in NY and DC.  This is an honor for this office to be chosen to be their attorney.

3/16/2020 - Be sure to take advise of CDC regarding corona virus and my office is now moving to Cornovirus tele law mode which means no in person meetings with clients until further notice.   We will use Skype or FaceTime to replace these meetings. 

5/1/19 Launch of our podcast series about the law and other things.  Listen here.

1/31/19 Christopher A. Zampogna has been quoted in recent Washingtonian Article on Roger Stone's Poor Fashion advice on going to court


1/1/19 Christopher Zampogna finished teaching the first MORCA class at Georgetown University, in Criminal Procedure and Civil Procedure, an instuction to assist those re-entering the work community by providing them a paralegal degree.


In a recent case in DC Court, a victory against DC MPD who improperly charged client, in which the judge indicated a reason, on the record, that Police were fearful to appear and face off against Zampogna PC.  The judge subsequently dismissed the case filed against our client.


Christopher A. Zampogna feaured on health living show regarding lawyers/stress/ and how to help by eating well, his part time chef discussion with host, Valerie Grange. and visit blog for more details



Washington Post Article "3 await decision on U.S. attorney" ... where Christopher A. Zampogna was one of the top 3 finalist for DC's top prosecutor's job.


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The legal profession and services are changing and this firm with its team of lawyers and staff adapted and provide a modern approach to a new landscape.


We keep you updated constantly through all compter and other platforms, and use as close to a paperless office as possible.


We have added a new secure

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