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At Zampogna PC, we strive to service all our client's legal needs, but have experience in a specific areas, litigation, fraud, general practice, estates, international law, and arbitration.

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Complex Civil Litigation
The office has a team of seasoned litigators, with decades of experience, and has extensive connections to the court sytem.   It has reprented cases covering many of the jurisdictions in the United States, and has recently been asked to teach the US Department of Justice in the field of Civil Lititgation.  This includes Alternative Dispute Resolution as well.
Criminal Law Practice
While serving many individuals and corporations, accused falsely, in investigations and trials by the government and others,  the office strives to uphold the golden rule for its clients. 
This rule has contributed to the reasons many client's keep returning to the office for resolution of many types of issues they encounter.
White Collar Criminal Law


As a former prosecutor, and with recent accolades including a finalist as the US Attorney for the District of Columbia, to lead the most important office in the United States, he brings decades of experience and has added legal skill of former prosecutors to his office.

International Law


The firm has litigated and represented many types of claims and individual from foreign nationals, to US individuals and companies doing business internationally.


Christopher Zampogna has direct contacts with the Hague International Courts, as well as business relationships with Spanish, French, German,  Italian and Israeli law firms and organizations.  


We appreciate you business in this field, and strive to complete the case once undertaken.  And, we have added an associate who will devote most of their practice to this field.

The office has handled some of the toughest claims, including investor fraud, with excellent results.  He strives to find the truth in the case, and will not hesitate to let his client know her odds of success.  Fraud, being an extremely difficult claim, he has had extensive expriences in handling these case.  Call for a consult.


The office has been outside counsel for unique cases from AARP,and its private client matters handled for individuals facing unique matters in estate law, surrogates court, and other equivalent courts.

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