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January 23, 2024
Zampogna PC obtains declination of prosecution of Park Police Officer in chase in city of DC; recently in Washington Post, "Federal Prosecutors s said Tuesday they won't file charges against four U.S. Park Police"
August 15, 2023
AP reports -- Lawrence Gray -- client of of Christopher A. Zampogna, was released without bail, after being charged with grand larceny and returning to court on October 31, 2023.
Friday June 23, 2023.  See (Jake Offenhartz, AP wire updated 5:58 PM on August 15, 2023)  In a later NY Post Story, Zampogna was quoted as indicating this is merely a vendetta by the Quillen family against Gray.
DC Court of appeals upholds dismissal of complaint against Officer Kellenberger and President Trump and AG Bar and others, in consolidated case referred to below as Buchanan, et al v. William Barr et al (opinion 1:20-cv-01542) and 22-5133; court adopted Christopher A. Zampogna's argument for National Security as reason to deny Biven's claim which has national implications for protestors near President or other federal events that threatens their security.

March 2023
Black Lives Matter, D.C., et al v. Sean Kellenberger, et al, No. 22-5139
In March, our client Sean Kellenberger had oral argument on the case which our office dismissed on his behalf being brought by the ACLU and others falsely claiming when the clearing of Lafayette park was improper during President Trump's time in office.
In this case, we dismissed the claim lodged by Black Lives Matter at the trial court level and now it is being appealed.  We look forward to the DC Court of Appeals upholding the correct decision by the trial court.


While we, like many, were surprised and disappointed by the findings of the jury, we are confident that justice will be served in the post-verdict process, including appeal.

Further, throughout his time at the Metropolitan Police Department, Andrew Zabavsky proved himself an asset to the D.C. Community as evidenced by his receipt of awards from the community itself.

We wish to thank all those, both locally and across the country, who continue to express their support for Andrew Zabavsky.

May 2022 -  comments on Buffalo Shooting on Newsmax


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