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  • Christopher Zampogna

New Blog for Changing Times at ZPC

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Please stay tuned for discussions of events related to law and you. As a Past DC bar president, with a super successful run media attention great events travel and commections to the DC legal beat, it will be interesting for the legal and non-legal listener. You can reach my office in NYC or DC at 347-941-1940 or 203-223-6635 or email me at

Starting in August 2022, Christopher A. Zampogna will again be an adjunct professor at Georgetown Paralegal Studies program. He has taught at Georgetown for more than a decade and currently is instructing students who are re-entering society from a recent release from incarceration. The program is called MORCA and strives to stop the cycle of those who leave a correctional facility and keep them in society working as paralegals.

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